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About May 10, 2011

Kim Bingham holds certificates in Professional Personal Fitness Instructor, Adventure Boot Camp training, kungfu fitness, kettlebell, kids nutrition, reflexology and St. Johns First Aid & CPR . She also attends workshops and certificate programs through the National Exercise and Sports Training Association and local programs to continue her education and stay on top of the latest health and exercise trends. Kim has a background in personal fitness and weight training through the YMCA with experience in personal one on one training since 1995.

As a mom, a business owner and a wife, Kim understands how the day can just get away from you and the last thing on your list is a workout. You deserve to have time for yourself. Lethbridge Adventure Boot Camp is motivating, energizing and fun !

Joe Bingham holds certification in Professional Personal Fitness Instructor, Adventure Boot Camp Instructor, kungfu fitness, kettlebell and St. Johns First Aid and CPR.
As your Adventure Boot Camp fitness instructor I would like to welcome you to Lethbridge Certified Adventure Boot Camp and give you a brief overview about my background and fitness.

Through out my life I have been involved in sports & fitness including high school athletics, karate, and weight training on a daily basis plus fun outdoor activities such as wake boarding, XC skiing, canoeing and sledding. After high school I took my passion for fitness to a new level becoming a personal fitness instructor with training through the Y.M.C.A. A few years later Kim & I opened up a fitness centre where we helped get people back on track to better health and proper eating and nutrition. I have helped personally train people for over the past 19 years. To keep on top of the latest trends for fitness and nutrition I continually attend workshops and certificate programs.

I truly enjoy helping people achieve strength, endurance, self confidence and an overall sense of well being and happiness. I believe being fit is possible at any age and fitness level.


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