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Complicated eating February 22, 2012

I talk to so many people about eating every week. I am not a dietitian but I have studied different types of eating from fad diets, Canada food guide, kids nutrition, supplements for weight loss and world cultural eating habits. The biggest thing I see in so many people is that everyone wants to find a “special” way to simplify the weight loss process. What tends to happen is actually the opposite. Things become complicated. It usually starts with a fad new eating plan. Then you get great results but can’t stick to this fad eating plan because it always lacks substance. So you then give up and go on to crazy eating with bad habits  then the cycle starts all over again.WHY DO WE DO THIS?

“KISS” = Keep It Simple Stupid !

Plain basic food. Have variety of the course of a month. Don’t miss meals/snacks/food groups. Keep portions small. Never over eat.

That’s it. Stress over other things not your food. Plan your basic meals for the week changing basic foods from week to week ( a carrot and tomato one week, next week cucumbers and peppers) Stick to it.

To keep others from deviating your plan: “No thanks I don’t care for muffins”.  Now your friend does not poke fun of a “Diet” but now does not offer that food because you don’t like it. Less stress for both of you.





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