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Can Eating Destroy Your Friendship? January 4, 2012

I have been friends with the person who put the comments below since I was in grade 9. I was very surprised that what I took for lunch today offended her so much that she disowned me completely on face book and made it so I can’t even find her. I did not post the picture saying “hey this is a perfect lunch” I put the picture up just for fun to show that this lunch has a bit of everything. I did not eat all the food during my 8 ½ hrs at work but I always have extra because some days you are more hungry, end up having to do unexpected things before supper and having a few ok low-fat choices helps you stay away from the vending machine or eating the Christmas leftover goodies people bring to work. It’s too bad my friend thought it was ok to judge me so harshly. Thin, fat, out of shape or in shape we all have perfect days and some not so perfect.  A true friend accepts you for who you are!


Me:   Ah, back to work. Lunch is packed and ready

Her:   I like the dish of fresh non processed foods in the middle. What is with the pudding, pretzels, canned peaches in syrup and rice cakes??? I am surprised you eat that Kim

Me:   Of course I eat that. I like fat-free pudding made with milk, canned peaches yes in syrup. I ate the last oranges today and some fruit is better than none and I always have rice cakes to eat with my nuts in case I have a low sugar drop and need it up quick. I even sometimes eat chocolate, chips, cookies, candy and plain old junk ! ……… SURPRISE I’m not perfect

Her:   Who said anything about perfection? I eat chocolate and drink red wine too. FYI: if you have a hard time controlling sugars, perhaps eat foods that keep your sugars stable. Rice cakes spike your sugar levels. Eat just the nuts and more veggies.

Me:   Your right rice cakes do spike the sugar level. That’s my per pose

Her:   Beeeeooooottttccchhhh


3 Responses to “Can Eating Destroy Your Friendship?”

  1. grace Says:

    Some people are just freaking mental Kim. Do not spend time worrying about those who make you feel unimportant, they keep your stresses way to high. I stil luv ya LOL

    • Kerri Says:

      You know what? Sometimes we just out grow our friends and have to move on. Remember what you liked about her and put that friendship away, makes room for new friendships for this stage in your life. I happen to think you are pretty wonderful, not because you are perfect, but because you are not. Have a great day Kim.

  2. grace Says:

    Kerri makes a very good point Kim!!!

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