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A Fresh New Start January 3, 2012

Welcome to 2012

This month in boot camp we are getting back to basics with “Army Boot Camp”. There is no yelling or harsh words but lots of push-ups, sit-ups and running. It may not be exciting but it is effective in getting you on track. Along with this months training it is important to get back to basic eating. A sample of effective eating that may not be exciting but will get you on track is to stick to a simple plan.

If you train early have a small snack before training. For breakfast eggs and citrus fruit with coffee/tea and some water are a good start. For your next snack some crackers and apple and at lunch a bowel of soup OR a salad don’t forget some water. An afternoon snack of vegetables and humus with plenty of water. For supper a small piece of meat plenty of vegetables , some rice and a large glass of water.  End the day with yogurt or cottage cheese and a cup of tea. Keep each meal small eating often and repeat again the next day changing the way you cook the eggs the type of fruit and vegetables, the type of soup, meat and flavour of crackers and yogurt.

No counting calories, no large meals, no junk just basic food.

(This is just an example I am not a dietitian you may need to seek a specialist for you exact nutritional needs)

Eating small meals often keeps you satisfied and in control of your cravings.


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