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This is why I don’t eat out….. September 12, 2011

Yes most food when you eat out is not healthy but that’s not my reason for not eating out.

I am a fussy eater. I don’t like cream foods including white sauces and mustard and all salad dressing. They make me sick but this is still not

my main reason……

On a post June  13 I talked about the burger problem. Well I havent had a burger since then so on Sunday Joe and I went to have a burger. I went and ordered the burger and I think the guy taking the order thought I was speaking a different language. ” can I please have a burger with only pickles and ketchup?” “ok”, he says and repeats the order back. “one burger with pickles and cheese?”  Really I don’t get it. He proceeded again and on the second try repeated it correctly back to me. The burger was made fast I went out to the car and opened the pack. Burger with cheese and bacon and lettuce and sauce. So back in I go to try again. He is confused and says” ya pickles and ketchup only”.

(like I have not done this before) “look at the burger” I tell him. “Oh” He tells them in the back and another burger is made. I open it right there and I have a burger with cheese and bacon. I now want to bang my head on a wall. “ok, please can I have a bun with meat, pickles and ketchup? No cheese , no lettuce, no sauce and no bacon”. Finally they got the burger right but when I got back to the car I was charged $2.00 more for a wrong burger……… I drove off  and this is why I really don’t eat out.     LOL  (all true)


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