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Body By Vi ? August 26, 2011

If you have heard about Body By Vi meal replacement or are wanting a little in site into it please follow the link to read some info on it. This information is not ment to be for or against it just to put some thought into marketing of products. All products market and leave some information out for you to reasearch on your own. This does not always make it a good or bad product. Most supplements have some kind of ingredient that is not natural.Even most box foods are like this, it’s very hard to avoid all of them. Taking the product that works right for you should always be done asking these questions:

What do I want the product to do for me and what ingredients do I not want in it?

From there its a matter of preference on cost, taste and whether you will use the product for life or a means to an end. If you only use the product to reach a goal be sure you know how you plan to keep that goal.


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