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Running with no clothes may be the next “In Thing” August 20, 2011

Lethbridge Adventure Boot Camp has people losing their clothes.



Socks, shoes and for women a good sports bra are needed for fitness but pants and underwear are coming off……..

Lethbridge Adventure Boot Camp clients are loosing it all:

“I had to run holding my pants up on Thursday. So I broke
down and bought some smaller ones. I also found 5 pairs of pants in my closet
that didn’t use to fit but now they do.”


I too had a problem with my clothes falling off while out running. My shorts have become loose and

were rubbing on my underwear so much so that my underwear started to fall down. I couldn’t even run so off to the park bathroom I went and

away went the underwear. Just one question:

Do I toss the shorts next week when I’m out on my run if they start to fall off  too?”


If you too are interested in loosing weight and getting rid of those ” too big” clothes join Lethbridge Adventure Boot Camp !



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