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Karma August 11, 2011

This is not at all related to fitness but something I wanted to share.
Yesterday I was out practicing the skill of couponing. (it is for sure a skill)
I had several coupons for Aspirin and received a bottle for .49 cents at one store, then found it at another store
where one bottle was .27 cents. WOW what a deal!! I purchased 4 bottles and had 2 coupons left. I saw a Hutterite
gentleman and gave the 2 coupons to him. Today I was shopping and as I was asking a store worker a question a Hutterite woman asked the price of some deodorant. It was on for .79 cents! I asked her if there was more and she said sure there’s enough for you too, and she gave me 3 of hers.
Definite Karma. You never know when you do something kind for someone else if it will come back to you, but when something nice happens to you….. warm fuzzies all over.


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