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feast or famine August 7, 2011

When trying to follow an eating plan where you are trying to not skip meals and get the best nutrient intake possible the rules can change…..
You should try to have 5 small meals a day incorporating all food groups with lots of variety. Also consume 8 glasses of water a day.
How do the rules change:
I have clients tell me they are not hungry and skip meals. That is only ok if at your next small meal you keep it small and keep it healthy. If on the other hand you skipped a meal and were starving so you over ate at the next meal this is not ok.
Stick to 5 small meals and only skip if you can keep the next meals under control.
Another tip:
When out for dinner at a friends ask if they are having dessert. You don’t need to deny yourself. Just eat your meal and save room for dessert to eat right away (don’t have any if you wait till later). Be sure it is a small amount and you can still walk away satisfied not full.


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