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Busy, Busy, Busy …… July 13, 2011

Already July 13 and it feels like yesterday was July 1! Summer goes by so fast. Joe and I have been busy teaching Boot Camp, one-on-one clients and renovations at the studio along with all the other regular office stuff. Summer is always our busy time, it may not seem like we have as many people in boot camp but we are always juggling fitness programs. Several people go on vacation and jump in and out of camp. As a trainer you need to keep your wits about you with programs made for the fluctuation in clients. We take our vacation in the late fall or end of winter. In the summer it’s fun to hear about the many adventures clients have had and how creative they have been on trying to keep up on fitness. We have a few printable hotel workouts for any of our clients who would like to take them with them on vacation. If you are not a client we offer printable programs for $20.00 each. Any one who wants a program just send us an email.

If you have a fun fitness or nutrition vacation story good or bad we would like to hear from you.
Post your info and we will send you a complimentary workout you can do on your own.


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