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We live in the same house but don’t eat the same or same time July 9, 2011

When trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or over come allergies it can be difficult. In a family the dynamics are all different for each members nutrition. The number one way I have learnt to over come this is to stop the old fashion habits. What are the old fashion habits?
-eating because the clock says it’s time
-eating because a guest came for an evening visit
-eating everything on your plate
-nothing to drink until you eat more food
-no dessert until you dinner is done
These are just a few that I grew up with and there are plenty more. These statements are all keeping you from having optimal results. In our house we have all changed these thoughts. We have busy lives and sitting down at dinner together is a thing of the past. This may be difficult to adjust to and change your thoughts because dinner time has been ingrained in us to be family time. Family time does not need to be sitting at the table eating. Family time can be any time! Eating when your hungry is when you should eat. If you or your kids are thirsty at dinner and drink lots then are not hungry realize that you were never hungry eat later. Don’t stress over it. If you know you want dessert don’t wait till later to have it. Eat a smaller portion of food and have a smaller dessert right away. Less food will be taken in and you will feel satisfied. Joe, my two boys and myself all have different likes and needs. I don’t eat the way my teens do or as Joe does. my needs are much less and I don’t have the metabolism of a teenager. It’s important to learn to have some snack that or for each of you for your different needs. Learn control on keeping away from some of the not so healthy foods your kids might have and teach them why you don’t eat certain foods. This will help them to know the “why” not just because you say so.
Example of our supper last night:
Papa Johns pizza, pepperoni and ice tea -our teen age son
BBQ chicken plain and salad with oil dressing, water – for Joe
baked Salmon plain and salad no dressing, water – for Kim

The chicken and fish were cooked at the same time the day before so we could have quick leftovers. Non of us ate at the same time.
For breakfast today:
our son is still in bed so he will eat probably around 1:30 this afternoon I’m guessing leftover pizza
Joe had 4 egg white scrambled, 1 piece of wasa bread, 4 slices of cantaloupe, 2 cups of water and coffee
I had an English muffin toasted with butter, 1 scrambled egg, 2 slice of cheese, 3 piece of 99% chocolate, and 2 cups of mint tea & honey Remember to eat what works for you. I always have more food in the morning and less later. I exercise early while Joe some days skips breakfast and eats around 10 am but exercises later in the evening.

I know some of you don’t want to get away from the dinner time with the family and that’s ok just try to realize what the purpose is….. to eat of to socialize?
You can always box the food up and save it to eat later, your kids can always sit at the table and colour while you eat. Be creative cut out the stress. Another tip always cook extra to have leftovers to eat will cut down on making 3 meals at the same time.
Gone are the days when one person went to work and the other stayed home and had the dinner ready for their partner.
Some lucky families still have this but most don’t.


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