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Do You See What I see? June 29, 2011

-A bum standing on the street corner asking a passes by for money
-An over weight woman wearing spandex clothing walking at a snail’s pace
-A woman who looks sadly on at her husband who is dying, wishing for no more suffering

OR Do you see what I see?

-A man on the street corner giving money to someone because giving makes him feel good.
-A woman inspired who has just lost 40lb and even though her figure is not perfect she feels good about herself and keeps on moving even when it’s hard.
-A woman who has been given the opportunity to spend more time with her dying husband than she ever imagined. She has more compassion and strength than she ever imagined.

Do you see the inspiration all around you? It keeps you going and makes you strong.

Post your inspiration of “Do You See What I see?”


2 Responses to “Do You See What I see?”

  1. grace Says:

    This was a really nice saying have posted something quite similar to it a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for reminding us things always have two different sides.

    • These things were all real things from earlier this morning. I was not really feeling like going on a run today but all these visions of things going on around me and looking at them differently inspired me. On my run I ran into a friend I had not seen in a while and had a great visit!

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