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Smack, Smack,Smack Attack! June 27, 2011

Children’s Benadryl is my new best friend! I went for a hike tonight with a group of fabulous Boot Campers. Only one problem the MOSQUITOES !!!!! I had bug spray on but it didn’t help. I was bitten too many times to count, the welts range in size from the size of a pea to two toonies put together. My back looks like I was shot with a bee bee gun.
I don’t do well with medication, well actually I do really well with medication. I feel like I’m a cheap drunk. One dose for a 12-year-old of Benadryl and I’m feel tipsy, with the lagging vision. This typing is taking a while since I keep making mistakes. If anyone knows of a super strong bug spray PLEASE let me know. I have another hike on Thursday, or I’ll be wearing my mesh bug suit looking like a dork, feeling no bugs and no Benadryl buzz.


2 Responses to “Smack, Smack,Smack Attack!”

  1. Corrine Janzen Says:

    I found mosquito patches (insect defend patch by ome zone) that seem to work good so far. You have to put it on a hour or two before mosquito exposure. I found them at wal-Mary with the bug spray. You get five in a package for just over $7.

  2. Corrine Janzen Says:

    I meant walmart

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