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TGIF June 17, 2011

Ah…. Friday the day most look forward to, and the start of 2 days or more of letting go of all the weeks nutrition and fitness work. 😦 Remember its ok to have a few bad snacks just learn when to stop!
Started today with a bowel of healthy cereal then drove to Taber to train a fabulous group of ladies!
When I got back I ate a detour bar at the studio and worked out for about 45min. The workout was a lactic burning workout, meaning you go slow and controlled through the exercises, and feel the “burn”.
The rest of the days eating was 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, my dk. chocolate, and a tea
-2 small wraps with garden fresh chives and lettuce, chicken breast, cheese and Franks hot sauce
tapioca pudding I made
I then did a walk with a client I trained tonight and had a great visit too.
-spinach with raspberry vinegar, 1/2 home-made lean chicken burger. In the burger I put some stuffing mix and one egg. The burger was plain, no bun
-Its “movie night at the Bingham’s” so I will be having some baked chips. Not the kind where all the chips look like twins, the ones that are real potatoes,sliced and baked. I wish I had more fruit but that 16-year-old is now on summer vacation and all the fruit was gone.

I had a great chat with a friend today who said she likes reading what I eat and knowing that I am not perfect, eat junk food sometimes,give up on eating plans that don’t work and some days I don’t even get a workout in. Oh and I will likely eat the entire bag of chips(not a small bag) all to myself! I have been exercising 2 times a day and eating good foods all week so ya whole bag just for me!!!
Enjoy your weekend. Remember if you give in to bad food know when to stop! Not 3 days later…..


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