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Basic workout June 16, 2011

Today was a basic muscle-building workout. 11 exercise to work through with low reps and heavy weight. I might be a bit sore tomorrow! Kept to healthy eating. I did have an upset stomach this morning and due to fasting then jumping right back into eating I read this sometimes happens.
Today I ate: 2 scrambled eggs with cheese,2 piece dark 90% chocolate & lemon ginger tea
-detour bar
-plain nuts, rice, mixed veges
-strawberries,1/2 vanilla brothels protein drink
-chicken with franks sauce,plane spinach,1/2 vanilla brothels protein shake
-was craving a new kind of cereal I bought today Its sunrise gluten-free so I had a 3/4 cup with 1% milk
and a n Astro fruit on the bottom blueberry yogurt.
Not feeling to hungry today. The weather is so blaaa rain rain rain………makes ya want to just go to bed.
Tomorrows workout slow weight training & moderate cardio.


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