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Day 3, “crash the plan” June 15, 2011

I have decided to give some details about this crazy fitness/eating program I am trying but before I do let me explain what led me to try this. This diet program revolves around a 5 day cycle which is repeated 5 times in the duration of the diet to make up for the complete 25 days.

The Cheat Day of each cycle is a day in which you can eat fattening foods like pizza and ice cream.

You do this to boost your leptin levels and encourage faster fat burning. Leptin is a hormone that’s largely responsible for your metabolism and fat burning. A higher level of leptin often means a faster metabolic rate.

The problem with conventional diets is that when you cut your calories, your leptin levels diminish making it harder and harder for you to burn more weight. This happens gradually so 1-2 days of calorie restriction won’t hurt you but as you continue to limit your calories, your leptin levels will plummet.

A Cheat Day every once in a while helps to reset your leptin levels and maintain a high metabolism. It also has excellent psychological benefits as being able to eat “non diet” foods like pizza every 5 days helps you stick to any diet plan for as long as you need.

When I read this info it sounded like a plan that might be worth a look. As I stated in an earlier post I did ok on the cheat day even though I wasn’t having any cravings. So what they don’t tell you is the rest of the plan till you order it. Ok I’m a sucker and ordered it. Well day 2 was a fast day, day 3 a protein shake day, day 4 carbs and day 5 protein, then back to a cheat day. I was not excited about not knowing it had a fast day but, because I am cheap and paid for this I was going to try it!
So day 2 I did 3 workouts and had only water, clear no caffeine tea, and BCAA (supplement recommended, it’s protein).
I did not feel hungry at all and was not shaky (low blood sugar). Around 5pm I still was not hungry but I started craving. My 16-year-old did not help eating all this great food. So I went and mowed the lawn and did some fence painting. The cravings began getting worse. Interestingly I was still not hungry. By 8 pm I decided I needed something before I burst into a ravenous animal so being that it was 12 hours of fasting I had 6 blue berries and 1/2 cup of pure carrot juice. I then went and took a bath. Ok bath done still craving. In the evenings I eat popcorn often so I caved and had some popcorn and went to bed.
What I have learnt from this is to understand how it feels to crave so bad you can’t stop yourself. My conclusion is that if you are trying to lose weight and cut calories too fast your cravings will take over.Learning to “eat” is more important. (I talk personally with clients one on one about this).
Today I made it through 2 workouts eating healthy, (almost, 2 slices of bacon,lol) but boy was my energy down. I will continue with the workouts and I’m happy with the knowledge I have gained.

Oh you might want to know what did I eat today?
if your curious email me and I’ll let you know………….


5 Responses to “Day 3, “crash the plan””

  1. grace Says:

    Hi Kim, it sounds frickin awful that 3rd day. Do let me know what you did eat and am assuming you will not continue on this diet. Maybe you can change up a few things. Carrot juice Gross!!! Talk to you soon. Grace

    • OH , too funny Grace. I can’t stop laughing. I LOVE carrot juice, really. I know I am strange. LOL
      And no I won’t continue with this diet. I’ll email you what I ate today maybe you will laugh at my simple eating……

  2. jessfitness Says:

    I think a diet like this could lead to unhealthy eating habits. As you mentioned, the cravings became unbearable and I can see that leading into binge eating. I’m glad that you are sharing all of this with everyone. I agree with you on supporting healthy eating habits before ever trying something like this.

    • I’m sure this is how binge eating can keep you in a viscous circle. I have a strong will to eat healthy because I have been doing it for so long. I completly understand how hard it is to break the cycle. This does not mean give up. It’s no different than breaking any bad habbits. Lots of persistence and support !!

  3. Erin Says:

    It started off sounding right . . . I’ve read about Leptin Levels and long term calorie deprivation, but then the diet started to sound strange!
    What if you did one cheat meal a week (or a 6 hour window), to increase that Leptin level, feel like you’ve indulged within reason? That way your heathly and balanced calorie restricted diet is easier to stick with and you’ve revved up your metabolism! This is the plan I am following right now, and although I feel like I am taking one step forward and 2 steps back after my cheat meal, I’m still losing 2-3lbs a week and feeling like this is a plan I could stick to forever! I could easily lose 3-4lbs a week if I did not cheat, but how long could I hold out until I had an all out “crazy lady deprived for weeks of chocolate” BINGE!

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