Lethbridge Fitness

lethbridge fitness gym boot camp

Day 2 , 3 workouts !! June 14, 2011

Well I survived 3 workouts today. As anyone could if given the time to do them. The first one was 1 hour long with weight training. The exercises were preformed slowly. The next was 20 min. cardio. 2 min walk, 2 min run repeat 5x.
and the last was 30 min slow cardio. So I took my dog for a walk. Eating today was of course next to nothing for calories compaired to yesterday. With all the extra crazy bad food in the house my 16 year old did not have a problem helping us out by consuming all the temptation. Everyone who has a problem with junk food should order a male 16 year old with a high metabolism. All weight problems would be gone! Tomorrow I get to add in some protein shakes. Carbs early protiens later. I will be doing a strength workout and an evening moderate cardio workout. Perfect for “hike day” tomorrow.


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