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Eating “bad today” June 13, 2011

I’m always receiving junk email on th next best diet that is for sure to work. Most are crazy and have you starving or skipping food groups.Yes most do work but what do you do after??? Can’t stay on a crazy diet forever!
I found one that interested me enough to try myself. Of course I don’t need to loose weight, I try almost all the eating plans I like first before I give them to clients. This plan is definetly a little out there for me but it had alot of scientific information I agreed with. SOOOO I’m on day one today. I’m not going to tell you the plan except how I might feel or a bit of intreging information. The first day is a “cheat day”. It stated in the plan not to shop ahead just eat whatever you crave. So I went to the grocery store just before lunch on an empty stomach to find some”cheat day foods”. I’m really quite the health nut. I SUCK AT EATING JUNK! LOL My 16 year old son came with me and couldn’t understand what was the problem he was more than glad to grab a bunch of “cheat day Foods” for me.
I completle get how people find it hard to eat healthy, I crave all the healthy foods. I think I need a shrink.
So this is my “bad day” (I think I did pretty good at being bad)
Breakfast: hashbrowns/onion/red & yellow peppers/ menonite sausage/ mushrooms & cheese
green tea, 2 pieces of 90% chocolate
Snack:(during my workout) detour bar
snack: cherry pastery, lime hibicus flower drink, handful of mixed nuts only sea salt on them
lunch: A&W burger & dill pickle chips
I went through the drive through and asked for a burger with only ketchup and pickles(my Mom & Dad remember these days from when I was little). They repeated it back 2x to be sure it was right. I checked the burger knowing that for my whole life this is the most difficult burger to make.
Of course it had mayo on it. Can’t eat that it makes me sick. I went in and the cook said “ya pickles and ketchup only” he repeated it 2x as he look inside the burger. A girl went over to him and repeated it, again the cook said “YA pickles and ketchup only”. I yelled to the back “and MAYO”? The cook then looked at the gril “Yaaaa”, in a slower voice “pickles and ketchup only”. Finally he got it.
Snack: orange creamsicle
supper: whole wheat pasta, pasta sauce with tomato, onion,and bacon
and an orangecreamsicle
snack: poptart
I also drank lots of water all day.

Good thing I don’t do this everyday too much thought in it!

Tomorrow has 3 workouts, go figure!!! LOl


3 Responses to “Eating “bad today””

  1. jessfitness Says:

    I am interested to see how you feel and what changes you encounter while trying this.

  2. Erin Says:

    Sounds interesting Kim! Can’t wait to hear how the rest of the week goes:) The meal plan I’m on right now gives me a 6 hour cheat window a week, (Saturday night), and I LOVE the idea. I have been putting so many good foods in my body that by the time my cheat meal came, I was the same as you, barely cheated. Knowing that I have the luxury of a small cheat once a week, helps me get through my week though. I know that I can have that cookie I smelled walking past the bakery this morning . . . just on Saturday:) My meal plan has lots of protien and complex carbs, they really reduce cravings!
    Keep me posted on your new plan . . .

  3. tammy olson Says:

    haha im loving it kim….its funny when u cant find cheat food to suit your appetite or cravings….i’ll have to tell u the waffels and syrup story some time!!!!


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