Lethbridge Fitness

lethbridge fitness gym boot camp

Thanks June 7, 2011

Thanks to all the people who have joined in on this weeks donation boot camp. The classes are going great and despite the rain everyone is getting an awesome butt kicking workout indoors.
Here is a mini workout you can do on your own:

1 min. – jump rope (pretend rope)
20 times – stand on one leg squat down(still on one leg) pick up an item(weight,book,soup can) stand up and raise over head, then squat on the same leg and put the item down return to standing and repeat 20 times.RIGHT LEG ONLY
1 min. – ankle jacks, like regular jacks but on the way down squat and touch outside of ankles.
20 times – LEFT LEG one leg squat down (same as above)
1 min. – alternate leg front kicks
15 times – wide leg plie squat. Like in ballet.
1 min. – star jump. Arms, legs together jump up with arms and legs open (modification: step jacks no jumping)
10 times – alternating lunge
1 minute – toe tap. Alternate feet with small movement slightly kicking foot forward,like taping toes to the wall.
5 times – slow and low squats. Keep knee behind the toes!


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