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This & That June 2, 2011

Why is good nutrition so important?
Food and the nutrients obtained from food are vital to keep the body healthy and alive. Nutrients are required in order to build and repair cells and body tissues, maintain the organs and bones in optimum working condition and to provide energy, fuel and warmth.

Good nutrition is essential for good health and eating nutritious food can help to prevent against common ailments, as well as more life threatening illnesses and diseases.

Medical scientists now believe that a third of all cancers and most cases of heart disease are related to poor diet.

Nowadays, we are becoming more aware of how our diet is important to our health and that it is vital that we eat the right kinds of food to stay healthy and fit.

Kale — provides healthy prostate support*

Spinach — helps support your cardiovascular and immune systems*

Carrot — assists optimal vision and cholesterol level*

Radish — supports your digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems*

Celery — provides you with skeletal and nervous system support*

Apricot — promotes your respiratory and immune systems*

Blackberry — helps support your digestive and immune systems*

Cranberry — supports your urinary tract and cardiovascular system*

Grape — promotes healthy circulation and cholesterol level*

Pineapple — provides healthy respiratory and digestive support


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