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Do You See What I see? June 29, 2011

-A bum standing on the street corner asking a passes by for money
-An over weight woman wearing spandex clothing walking at a snail’s pace
-A woman who looks sadly on at her husband who is dying, wishing for no more suffering

OR Do you see what I see?

-A man on the street corner giving money to someone because giving makes him feel good.
-A woman inspired who has just lost 40lb and even though her figure is not perfect she feels good about herself and keeps on moving even when it’s hard.
-A woman who has been given the opportunity to spend more time with her dying husband than she ever imagined. She has more compassion and strength than she ever imagined.

Do you see the inspiration all around you? It keeps you going and makes you strong.

Post your inspiration of “Do You See What I see?”


Summer was here today! June 28, 2011

What a great day! Summer came for a visit today I had missed it so much I almost forgot what +30 felt like. I hope the visit lasts till October….
Great work out today I think my legs will be sore. This is what I did:
Jump rope 100 revolutions
lunges x 100
squat jumps x 20 reps
alternating lunge jumps x 20
jumping jack squats x 20
fit ball hamstring curl x 10
barbell squats x 15
cable machine leg extension x 20

and repeat
I found this work out in an old oxygen magazine.

protein smoothie popsicle
2 cups plain low-fat yogurt
2 scoops vanilla flavored protein powder
2 cups frozen berries
1/4 cup agave nectar (or honey)

place all ingredient in a bowl, process until just combined.
Pour into popsicle molds or Dixie cups with a popsicle stick in the center.
makes 10 x 1/2 cup
77 calories each


Smack, Smack,Smack Attack! June 27, 2011

Children’s Benadryl is my new best friend! I went for a hike tonight with a group of fabulous Boot Campers. Only one problem the MOSQUITOES !!!!! I had bug spray on but it didn’t help. I was bitten too many times to count, the welts range in size from the size of a pea to two toonies put together. My back looks like I was shot with a bee bee gun.
I don’t do well with medication, well actually I do really well with medication. I feel like I’m a cheap drunk. One dose for a 12-year-old of Benadryl and I’m feel tipsy, with the lagging vision. This typing is taking a while since I keep making mistakes. If anyone knows of a super strong bug spray PLEASE let me know. I have another hike on Thursday, or I’ll be wearing my mesh bug suit looking like a dork, feeling no bugs and no Benadryl buzz.


Tid bits June 22, 2011

Crazy busy last couple of days, with the nice weather finally here I spend as much time out side and the intensity of my workouts increase. Yesterday I went out for a run. During the run I did 120 bench dips and push-ups. In sets of 20-40. The total work out was 1 hour, and again my brisk evening walk with my dog. Today I got in 3, 1 hour hikes!

I am going to do an interview with a local massage therapist and would like to know if you have any questions you would like answers to. Maybe muscle,headache,pregnancy…….

With summer heat finally upon us several people may be finding they are swelling more and sweating more. Your best defence is to drink water. Adding a splash of lemon/lime with crushed ice will be very refreshing. If you are having friends over try one of the following. Water should always your main fluid.

Low calorie summer drinks

It’s sometimes hard to watch out for liquid calories. Here are 4 low-cal beverage options to keep you looking your best all summer long.
Jun 22, 2011 | By: The Health Local Staff

In the summer, it is hard to stay cool, while staying hot. You find yourself running around under the beaming sun, and sometimes, nothing tastes better than a sugary soda, a cold beer, or an iced cappuccino – all of these things may taste great, but they are chocked full of calories. Therefore, all of that running around you’re doing runs the risk of being cancelled out by one liquid indulgence. Lucky for you, there are some really wonderful refreshers you can enjoy without much of a calorie penalty at all.

Iced Coffee with Skim Milk
If you crave sweet – like a malt or even chocolate milk – when you get parched, a great iced treat to enjoy is an iced coffee with a few tablespoons of skim milk. If you need a sweetener, try truvia or stevia, both are natural, calorie-free, and tasty. If you crave the chocolate flavor more than a general sweetness, you can add a spoonful of chocolate syrup to your iced coffee concoction. Without sugar, coffee and skim milk amounts to somewhere around 25 calories. Each spoonful of sugar adds about 15 calories. Either way, you can easily keep this sweet treat under 100 Calories.

Iced Tea
Iced Tea is a wonderfully refreshing drink to enjoy when the weather gets hot. You can enjoy great variety in the type of tea you brew, from green, to black, to white, to all varieties of herbal. Herbal teas range from spicy to fruity. A spoonful of honey adds only about 50 calories, a squeeze of lime adds a negligible number of calories to a tall glass of iced tea.

Club Soda with a Squeeze of Lime
Club Soda with a squeeze of fresh lime tastes super refreshing and immediately quenches your thirst for carbonation. This is a great way to suppress the desire for soda, which can be a dangerous temptation in the summer. When your day is done and you want a little extra fun, add a shot of vodka, gin, or clear rum for about 100 calories.

SkinnyGirl Margarita
Speaking of alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy with less guilt, the SkinnyGirl Margarita is a fantastic way to enjoy all of the taste of a margarita, with fewer calories, and no artificial colors and flavors. The pre-made drink comes in a fashionable fun SkinnyGirl bottle, or you can make your own at home. 4 ounces of the drink is only 100 calories. Enjoy this sweet and sour twist on the original all summer long. http://www.skinnygirlcocktails.com

SkinnyGirl Margarita Recipe:

•2oz clear premium tequila
•splash of orange liqeur (like Grand Marnier or TripleSec)
•juice of 4 fresh lime wedges
•serve over ice

During the dog days of summer as the days are hot and the nights even hotter, you really can cool down and not bulk up. Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Club Soda with lime and SkinnyGirl Margaritas are all great ways to indulge in the summer and maintain your girlish figure!
(from local health)


Weekend wonder? June 20, 2011

So I wonder did you make it through the weekend and stay on track with eating and exercise?
Well if you did awesome job!
As for me well…… no workout on Saturday and Sunday only if you consider rearranging 3 complete rooms in the house, but today back on track workout in and great eating. Sunday had a piece of Fathers Day chocolate cake, and Saturday a gluten-free ham & pineapple pizza. I don’t need gluten-free I just wanted to try it out.Anyone else tried gluten-free products? The pizza was great! Well not much blogging tonight out to stain my fence,mow the lawn and walk the dog for an hour! Enjoy your evening.


TGIF June 17, 2011

Ah…. Friday the day most look forward to, and the start of 2 days or more of letting go of all the weeks nutrition and fitness work. 😦 Remember its ok to have a few bad snacks just learn when to stop!
Started today with a bowel of healthy cereal then drove to Taber to train a fabulous group of ladies!
When I got back I ate a detour bar at the studio and worked out for about 45min. The workout was a lactic burning workout, meaning you go slow and controlled through the exercises, and feel the “burn”.
The rest of the days eating was 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, my dk. chocolate, and a tea
-2 small wraps with garden fresh chives and lettuce, chicken breast, cheese and Franks hot sauce
tapioca pudding I made
I then did a walk with a client I trained tonight and had a great visit too.
-spinach with raspberry vinegar, 1/2 home-made lean chicken burger. In the burger I put some stuffing mix and one egg. The burger was plain, no bun
-Its “movie night at the Bingham’s” so I will be having some baked chips. Not the kind where all the chips look like twins, the ones that are real potatoes,sliced and baked. I wish I had more fruit but that 16-year-old is now on summer vacation and all the fruit was gone.

I had a great chat with a friend today who said she likes reading what I eat and knowing that I am not perfect, eat junk food sometimes,give up on eating plans that don’t work and some days I don’t even get a workout in. Oh and I will likely eat the entire bag of chips(not a small bag) all to myself! I have been exercising 2 times a day and eating good foods all week so ya whole bag just for me!!!
Enjoy your weekend. Remember if you give in to bad food know when to stop! Not 3 days later…..


Basic workout June 16, 2011

Today was a basic muscle-building workout. 11 exercise to work through with low reps and heavy weight. I might be a bit sore tomorrow! Kept to healthy eating. I did have an upset stomach this morning and due to fasting then jumping right back into eating I read this sometimes happens.
Today I ate: 2 scrambled eggs with cheese,2 piece dark 90% chocolate & lemon ginger tea
-detour bar
-plain nuts, rice, mixed veges
-strawberries,1/2 vanilla brothels protein drink
-chicken with franks sauce,plane spinach,1/2 vanilla brothels protein shake
-was craving a new kind of cereal I bought today Its sunrise gluten-free so I had a 3/4 cup with 1% milk
and a n Astro fruit on the bottom blueberry yogurt.
Not feeling to hungry today. The weather is so blaaa rain rain rain………makes ya want to just go to bed.
Tomorrows workout slow weight training & moderate cardio.