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Inspiration May 12, 2011

Yesterday in our evening Boot Camp Class a woman told me how last year she joined boot camp. She had gone on the challenging hike and found it so hard that she quit boot camp. She said she felt so stupid because she could not do it. I was very surprised that she had kept this feeling to her self. She went on to tell me that after that day she quit smoking and joined Boot Camp again this spring determined to stick with it. She has made several friends which helps to keep motivated, and now she feels more comfortable to tell us how she feels.  Last night she completed the hike in +25 weather (no shade on the hike and lots of hills) and on top of that had a 20lb vest on !! As we were walking and she was telling me of how she felt last year I was worried she would give up again,but she kept on going! I asked several times if she needed me to take the 20lb vest off but her determination was amazing. She was not the first or the fastest,but FINISHED *. This year she did not feel stupid she felt proud .

Boot Camp is not just about loosing weight it is also about determination, inspiration and being proud of who you are!


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