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Day 2 of this new blog thing! May 11, 2011


Great morning Boot camp Today! In my” beta” test group we worked on legs, legs and more legs. the 5:30am class had a fabulous hike. Remember to stretch for 30 sec to 1 1/2 minutes to help recovery of the sour muscles.

 The weather is warming and all the cool, sugary drinks may be sabotaging your efforts. Try putting ice in a blender with water and add a splash of lemon. Drinking more water in warmer weather will help to regulate the body temperature.Yesterday I had a client tell me she was so thirsty during class and drank a lot of water. Then doing jumping jacks the water was sitting in the belly giggling around. Water works best if taken in small amounts throughout the day” everyday”. Waiting untill you thirsty is hard on the body.

Quick workout for the legs: 10 times on each, repeat if time


lunge right leg only

lunge left leg only

legs together slight squat and jump up

bring right leg up and lift it up and over a chair and back to the other side

do the same with the left leg

alternating front kick, for more challenge add a hop

jumping jacks (or step jacks)



One Response to “Day 2 of this new blog thing!”

  1. Shantel Says:

    I thought I would add another refreshing substitute for the water “blahs”. At a spa during my holiday this past week they had ice water with sliced cucumber in it. I could not get enough and it was so refreshing, I have a jug of it in my fridge right now!

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